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You are protected against Identity Scam.

The leading amount of complaints obtained in the previous 4 years by the Federal Trade Commission was related to the identity fraud. Altogether, there were accepted close to 300,000 such complaints, which accounted for about 19% of the entire number of complaints of fraud and crime. In recent years the issue of identity theft became threatening owing to the growth of IT services. But what exactly is an Identity Theft?

Identity Scam is a crime for which private information is treated illegitimately in order to obtain material gain. The term appeared in 1964. Identity Fraud became widespread in the U.S. in the 1980′s. The most common Identity Theft crimes are connected to bank card data Scam and the SSN data Theft. According to a latest study, the average price of a set of information containing SSN and Address is almost $25 – $35. The chance of becoming a target of identity Fraud is estimated at 3.5% for the typical U.S. resident.

The security of individual information is essential to our company. When receiving a title loan with us, be positive that your data is safe. Our company pays a lot of attention to the use of our client’s individual data. To find out more, go here.