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The hustle and bustle of Orlando can get the best of you and make you very unproductive. My name is Jim and I run my own lawn care business right here in the city. I have bootstrapped my business up to where it is and, although my company is not the biggest in the city, I am making steady progress.

Today I would like to share with you how Orlando Car Title Loans helped me grow my business. I started out my business with only $500 that I was given by a friend. A lawn care business was an obvious route to me given that I used to help my mom with trimming out lawn at home.

When I started the business, I bought a second hand grass trimmer and was doing most of the works by myself. As a small business owner who is just starting out, you need to be patient and use whatever you have to make your clients happy. On the good side, I think I am a natural when it comes to lawn mowing. Most of the clients I worked with were happy with my work and would recommend others to me.

Anyway, I started getting quite a few orders per month and I knew it was time to get a bigger and more efficient lawn mower and a few other equipment. Moreover, I also wanted to hire someone to help me with the increased work. I did not have enough personal or business savings and I knew my only option to get cash was to borrow a loan.

If you have ever borrowed a loan before, you may be familiar with the experience I went through; rejection by bank after bank. All my hopes of getting a loan were dashed by every lender that I visited. I was on the verge of giving up when one day a customer that I was working for realized I wasn’t really the jolly me. She asked what the problem was and after I explain my need for cash, she just smiled and said “Get a car title loan”.

I didn’t know what car title loans were but that evening, I went researching at our local Internet café. In a nutshell, car title loans are loans that are given to borrowers who have vehicle titles in their names. The loans can be given to anyone and for any type of expense. I had inherited an old 1990 VW from my dad. I think it wouldn’t fetch anything more than $4000 in the market.

Anyway, since the lenders offered money to people with vehicles, I decided to apply and see how it goes. I applied right there at the Internet café for a loan at one of the lender’s website. The application process was simple and took me less than five minutes. I only needed $1200 for my a new mower. To my surprise, I immediately received an email that I had qualified for the loan.

I got my loan the next day after the lender had evaluated my car. If you need quick cash, I recommend that you apply for Orlando car title loans online. If you have a car in your name, there is no reason why you will be denied financing.